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Do’s and don’ts which you definitely need to remember when purchasing a mattress.

 If you are purchasing mattress first time for yourself all alone, and have completely no idea of how to take care of them, then continue reading. Or if you are one of those, who think of mattress as another ordinary object that his hidden underneath the sheets and do not require any kind of attention by the user then you are completely wrong. You should better know the do’s and don’t s to increase the durability of your mattress by staying at home.

Odd odor:
If you have just purchased a new mattress and it does not smells good, instead of washing it and using some room spray which might ruin its quality, you should let in uncovered in a ventilated room for a while. By doing this any of the smell that the mattress contains will be removed.

Provide good support:
If your mattress is huge in size, typically a king or queen size mattress then do get a bed frame which is firm and studier, and holds the bed completely from the center as well. The heavy mattresses like savvysleeper may result in the breakage of the weak bed frames which only suit single beds.

Do not Get it wet:
You should never make the use of the water to clean or mattress or spill it accidently as it is absorbed in the inner layers and has nowhere to go ruining your mattress quality. If by any means your mattress gets wet, immediately make the use of a dryer to remove the water to retain its quality.

Do not treat it as a trampoline:
Most if the inner spring mattresses are bouncy to support the weight of your body and prevent back strains. However constant jumping on the bed may lead to the damage and breakage to the inner springs and the coiled springs highly damaging its quality.

Shift size regularly:
After a certain time period of using the mattress, one should try changing its side. Using the same side of the mattress may wither away the fabric and springs, however constant turnings of the bed will allow smoothing out contours and equalizing the wear and tear.

Do not remove the protector of the bed:
Spills and stains can be thrown on your bed which cannot be worn away may impact the solidarity and integrity of your mattress. The spilled drinks cannot be dried soon and the liquid takes up a space in the inner layers having no room to leave. Some of the stains may cause the foam to shrink or collapse, and leave a spot that makes your sleep uncomfortable when you get in touch with that.

Never dry clean:
Always try to prevent the dry cleaning method to clean your mattress. The chemicals present in the dry cleaners can harm the quality and fabric of the mattress or may damage the inner layers which include springs and coils. Vacuuming is however the best way to clean your mattresses at instance.

These precautions will help you to increase the durability and life span of your mattresses. The points mentioned above are one of the best ways you can take care of your mattress especially if it’s the expensive one.