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How Long is a King-Size Mattress?

Getting not enough sleep has been a piercing issue since the earlier ages. Around the world, many people had this issue that made them uncomfortable and tired throughout the day that would eventually affect their daily lives’ work. Some would feel dizzy while some had back pain and, in the meantime, others were quarrelling with their spouses over tossing, turning, snoring and cover-stealing. But no one had the modest idea of overcoming the sleep deprivation. But in the mid of 1940s, the mattress companies introduced a new bed size that eventually solved the issue of sleep deprivation.

Suppose you are going to shop for a king-size mattress, the very first question that pops up in your mind is how long is a king-size mattress is? But do not worry, as we are going to disclose not only the dimensions of the king-size bed; instead, we will also be aware you of the benefits of king size mattress.

Dimensions of the king-size bed

  • Measures 193.04 cm x 203.2 cm – 40.64 centimeters wider than a queen-size mattress
  • The same dimension as two twin XL mattresses attached
  • It is additionally known as an Eastern bed

Above we have provided you with the dimensions of a king-size mattress. And from this information, you can estimate how long is a king-size mattress, would it be spacious for you and your partner or would it be fitted in your bedroom without disturbing the decor.

King-size mattress no only offers extra space; it is also beneficial for health as it defends our body from various dangerous disorders such as depression. It offers a well and full night sleep that is utmost important for a successful life. There are also additional health benefits that king-size bed provides, which are listed below:

Health Benefits of King-Size Mattress:

  • Better blood flow: A king-size bed is spacious that allows you to easily stretch your body completely that helps your blood to flow smoothly. It means waking up comfortably without having pins and needles.
  • No restless legs: Extra-large room lets you easily extend your legs that reduce the pressure on your joints and ankles.
  • Breathing easier: Sleeping on a king-size mattress allows you to breathe in a better way because you are not too close or pressed up against your partner.
  • Less tossing and turning: Whether you or your partner is an ‘active sleeper’, a king-size bed has enough space that allows the person to toss or turn without disturbing the other person freely. You won’t feel the motion as the ground is large and get a fair and full night sleep.
  • Proper sleeping positions: Large bed means large extra room and extra room allows you to sleep in your habitual way. Neither you nor your partner would be bothered by your sleeping position.


In the end, I might add that now you know how long is a king-size mattress, so it would not be difficult to choose a proper bed to get a good and full night sleep.